Ananda Yana :: What and Why

Ananda Yana in Kannada means Journey of Joy. We see running as a journey filled with the joys of self discovery and as a way of seeing oneself as a better human being. This event will bring together people with an emphasis on community and cooperation.
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This is why we want to do Ananda Yana:

  1. We want this to be an annual event that raises funds to support more runners, especially children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Click here to know the organizations that the fund will support. Click here to read more about why running is important for the organizations we support.

  2. We want to create a space for events that are affordable for the common man, based on cooperation and a spirit of giving. An event that will encourage many more to take up running.
This is how we want to do Ananda Yana:

We want to create an event that involves the community in the following ways -

  • Water stops managed and run by runners from different running organizations/clubs/communities, different schools/efforts we support etc.
  • Purely volunteer based with NO paid employees.
    • Amateur music bands from the community performing for free.
    • Photographers covering the event voluntarily.
    • Traffic Wardens Organization supporting us with no monetary gain.
    • Every aspect of the run taken care of by volunteers including parking.
  • No paid advertising or PR for the event - largely through word of mouth.
  • Sensitive to the environment - almost no use of plastic/paper, car pooling and other initiatives.
  • Sans any commercial entity with profiteering intent. We will have NO sponsors, but will accept donations (in kind and monetarily) and acknowledge it. We might also pay for services that we take from businesses.